My Comment to the new NPS law in The Netherlands

I created this comment to the new dutch addition of substance categories to the Dutch Opium Act.

See here the first chapter, i will upload the complete Document on the government site as soon as its finished.

Lets hope it helps understand the problematic with such laws.

“The emergence of an increase number of novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and their wide availability has led
to public health concerns, which in turn have prompted many countries to pass laws prohibiting whole classes
of compounds, or psychoactive substances in general (Great Britain). While it seems like the obvious answer to
the quick emergence of great numbers of largely unstudied new psychoactive compounds, this approach is in
many ways problematic. The main issues are difficulties in understanding and enforcement of the new laws,
inhibitive effects on the work of scientific institutions and the chemical industry, as well as the general
ineffectiveness of prohibition as a public health tool. Additionally, some of the arguments made by the Dutch
government in favor of passing this law are not very solid, as will be elaborated later.