Common cutting agents in buphedrone

Common cutting agents in buphedrone


Levamisol is an anthelmintic (used in veterinary medicine against worm infestation), which was formerly also used in human medicine. As an admixture to buphedrone, the substance has become more common in recent years. Various side effects reported in connection with levamisole include: allergic reactions (difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips, tongue, face) and impairment of the central nervous system (e.g. confusion or unconsciousness, extreme fatigue). The most worrying side effect of levamisole is a change in blood count called agranulocytosis. This leads to a reduction in white blood cells, which in turn – due to immune deficiency – can lead to life-threatening infections.

Recommendations for educational policy makers

We recently published a brochure dedicated to educational policy makers. This publication includes a series of key questions dedicated to policy makers in education as well as a concrete set of proposals for action. The questions and recommendations are derived from our 2,5 years of intensive work with teachers and scientists across Europe to promote science in schools.

The publication also describes teacher’s experiences with the VISH,  a central point for teachers to access and create interactive learning material related to various science topics, and its related activities.

Mindfulness meditation

If I get the feeling that something around me is changing to the negative (of course it’s just my imagination but I’m sure you know that :S) and I panic, I listen to calming music, turn on my LED lamp, look at pictures of party nights and others with friends and family, like to pet my cat and like to smell her fur and eat some Wick sweets, which help to breathe and reduce the oppressive feeling in the chest 🙂

Mindfulness exercises that help you to get out of stressful situations

In the horror trip, trip cancellation and the negative side thread I have described my experiences about skills to help other users in difficult situations without the need for medication such as benzodiazepines.
Sometimes it is possible (and in my opinion advisable) to use skills in addition to medication and follow simple steps and exercises.