“Meet the Scientist”, a popular event series

The project GLOBAL excursion has initiated the successful event series of live and interactive sessions called “Meet the Scientist”. The events are very popular amongst teachers and students across Europe.

The basic idea is that scientists from different disciplines present their daily work and working environment to an audience of teachers and students from schools across Europe. Teachers and students interact via a chat with the scientists and can pose their questions or remark. The sessions offer them a very personal way into exploring the live and work of scientists.

Some technical details:

  • The sessions are performed live online via the videoconferencing system called MashTV
  • Access via mobile devices (e.g. phone or tablet) possible
  • Sessions typically last between 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Sessions are moderated and technical support is offered
  • Sessions are recorded and published on ViSH YouTube channel (unless required otherwise)
  • Sessions are promoted via different channels to European schools

The event series has proved to be an important instrument for science engagement in schools and a good means for science communication and outreach to schools.

Become a role model for students across Europe!

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