Mindfulness meditation

If I get the feeling that something around me is changing to the negative (of course it’s just my imagination but I’m sure you know that :S) and I panic, I listen to calming music, turn on my LED lamp, look at pictures of party nights and others with friends and family, like to pet my cat and like to smell her fur and eat some Wick sweets, which help to breathe and reduce the oppressive feeling in the chest 🙂

Dissociation stop,

helps me a lot too! When I think I’m drifting off into a world of my own and have the feeling that I’m cut off from the outside world and no one can see me anymore, I’ve always brought unfunny messages (when I was surrounded by friends/acquaintances) to see if someone reacts, checked the date, looked at my keychain (my mother gave it to me years ago, my zodiac sign is on a crystal block) and pinched me in the arm. But when I was alone, all this was no help at all and recently I tried 3 tips from number 3: 1. drink lemon juice, 2. eat garlic pure and 3. take a cold/warm shower and I must say that these extreme external stimuli help me very well when I am alone! It brings me right back to reality and shows me that I am still “there”.

Thank you very much Wizard One for these tips! I would like to make it without medication although I’m still afraid that I will need some at some point because the “problem” in my head has gotten worse and worse in the last 6 months but your tips are a very good and fast help! I will definitely keep this forever! 🙂

Often I’m tripping, especially when coming up to the bathroom (change of location, you see yourself in the mirror) and I washed my face which was always very…liberating…. Friends confirm this. I also think to have read, if you have already made a decision subconsciously, but still doubt it, washing your hands helps to be sure. It’s psychological as well. I mean, it’s transferable.

As soon as I am afraid, I always run to a water source and wash my face or dip my face into the water.
I once talked to a doc about how submerging myself in water triggers a reflex in my head that drives away superfluous feelings and thoughts and creates clarity. It always helps me a lot, in addition to the other skills.

I’m also going through a slightly worse phase at the moment – I’m very anxious again, the fear is also turning into panic in the meantime. From Wednesday on I have to work in the old people’s home again, which will be very stressful.


Brachial method: Climb the 10-meter tower in the swimming pool and jump into the water.
At first the trip was completely gone and I got out of the water almost sober. Then the trip came back, this time as a quiet nice and pleasant trip. The effect was wonderful.
(Of course only recommendable if you are sure you can swim in the intoxicated state and if you are able to get up on the diving board without an accident 😉
A not to be topped and perfectly working method against horror trip with me.

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